Your Place or Ours?

Your Place or Ours?

Unlike most phone systems providers, we are agnostic about how you deploy our phone system.

Do you want the ease and convenience of a cloud VoIP solution? No problem.

Prefer to stay grounded with traditional phone lines? That’s fine with us.

Cloud Communications

Businesses of all sizes are increasingly choosing cloud VoIP for their office phone system. Just like in other areas of technology, the cloud is an attractive alternative. In a cloud VoIP deployment (sometimes called “hosted”), the software and hardware that make up the system are hosted in our secure data centers and managed by us. The only equipment needed at your site are phone handsets and a broadband Internet connection.

Private Hosted

For companies that prefer to avoid multi-tenant cloud solutions for security or regulatory reasons, Ibidium is the best and only choice for your Private Cloud solution. Customers enjoy all the benefits of cloud VoIP on a dedicated server.


If you prefer to keep your voice services equipment in your building, we’re cool with that. We can provide you a simple appliance to install at your location. All configuration, moves, adds, changes and reports are done via our web-based control panel, but call control and your connection to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) are in your building.