You can enjoy the convenience of a whole-house land line without shelling out your hard earned money to your local telecommunications provider.


If you want a dedicated phone phone service line in your residence, you should definitely think about switching to residential VoIP phone service. Switching to residential VoIP service has the potential to save you up to seventy percent or more on your monthly phone service bill.

Residential VoIP phone systems are generally much cheaper than traditional telephone systems.

What is Residential VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It uses your existing Internet connection to make phone calls. You get the same user experience that you would with a traditional landline, but at a fraction of the cost. Because VoIP uses the Internet to make calls, you eliminate the need to lease a line from a traditional provider such as Telenor. Everyone wants to save money on their phone bill, and a VoIP home phone system can help you do just that:

  • Save money on your international and long distance calls.

  • Obtaining a second phone line with VoIP is more economical than leasing a second line from a traditional phone company.

  • VoIP-enabled smart phones allow you to make calls without using costly wireless minutes.

Savings with Residential VoIP

Lets take the old landline providers as an example of a traditional landline service (in reality, digital technology in addition to analog, but as a telecom giants they still generally charge more than a VoIP provider would). They do offers unlimited long distance calls for a flat monthly fee. That is on top of your monthly phone bill. This means that if you want the same unlimited calling that you get with VoIP, then you are already looking at a substantial higher monthly amount.

On the other hand, Ibidium charges less of what the old landline providers offers.