Ibidium SIP trunk replaces ISDN

Since 1994, most businesses have used Integrated Digital Networks (ISDN) for the provision of their voice systems. An ISDN works by providing the infrastructure for the simultaneous transfer of voice, video and other data across the infrastructure provided by traditional telephone circuit boards. This, however, is a system that is becoming ever more antiquated and is set to be eliminated in 2016, and being replaced by SIP Trunking.

The Future -Decline of ISDN and the Rise of SIP Trunking

Ibidium has been providing SIP Trunking services since 2005. Our SIP Trunking service is designed with mission critical telecommunications in mind. This is why Ibidium is the provider of choice for contact center outsourcers, hydro utilities and other organizations that require scalability, flexibility and true SIP expertise to ensure reliability and call quality.

Benefits of SIP Trunking over ISDN Services

SIP Trunking offers genuine and immediate direct benefits, which makes adoption a compelling value proposition.

  • Lower cost of access – The cost of the access component of SIP Trunking is significantly lower than the more costly ISDN services. Typically expensive individual ISDN line interfaces can be replaced by a single, (or multiple redundant) IP link (via either copper or fibre). This offers the added benefit of reducing capex and opex, as costs for an Ethernet line is dramatically lower than multiple ISDN lines, while offering significantly higher scalable bandwidth.

  • Lower call rates – SIP Trunking offers slightly lower call rates than ISDN services, on a case-by-case basis.

  • Network convergence– Convergence of voice, data and video over a common IP network provides economies of scope and scale and reduced network complexity.

  • Independence of Access Network– SIP Trunking is carried over IP networks, meaning that SIP Trunking is independent of the access network type. SIP Trunking can be carried over copper, fibre, or wireless access networks. Hence, SIP Trunking becomes the preferred form of carrying voice traffic over fibre networks. Implementation of SIP Trunking positions a business for transition to an all fibre access network.

  • Flexibility in termination– SIP Trunking enables more cost effective least-cost routing (LCR) and provides a far more effective and flexible disaster recovery option, as all voice SIP traffic can be quickly rerouted to a disaster recovery centre; a practical impossibility with ISDN.

  • Flexibility in dimensioning – SIP Trunking services can be dimension based on average usage rather than peak

  • Scalability– SIP Trunking is scalable and granular on a per channel basis, allowing an increase or decrease in number of lines based on changing requirements. This can be as simple as provisioning or prioritizing a larger allocation of bandwidth to SIP out of the existing Ethernet link. Provisioning additional ISDN services, by comparison, requires change increments of 10 channels at a time, and typically requires installation of new lines and line interfaces.

  • Enables feature-rich UC– UC services can be more efficiently delivered over SIP and can potentially federate with suppliers’ and customers’ communication systems and processes, decreasing business process costs.


Why Choose Ibidium SIP Service?

Data Connectivity

Ibidium is truly carrier agnostic when it comes to data connectivity

We will use your existing MPLS or any dedicated connection to deliver our SIP Trunking

We have a good location, making it easy to connect


Ability to ramp up and down to accommodate seasonal call patterns

Ability to use smart routing to allocate call volume to additional resources

Monitoring and Alerting

Real time monitoring and alerting of quality and uptime of data connections

Real time monitoring and alerting of customer premise equipment for SIP responsiveness

Real time monitoring and alerting of call failures and inability to deliver call to customer