Cloud-Based IP PBX

Cloud Business Phone System

If you want to improve your business phone system and cut costs, there’s no better way than a cloud PBX. It might sound confusing, but it makes your phone system work smarter and faster for less, without loads of expensive on-site equipment! Sure, there are many other technical steps involved, but we take care of that for you so you can focus on your business.


How Cloud PBX Makes Your Business Phone System Better:

There are only VoIP telephones in your office to manage, no in office PBX.

  • No major hardware, installation, or management costs for a cloud hosted PBX.

  • An auto attendant is included to direct incoming phone calls.

  • You can set up hunting for workgroups,

  • Add additional virtual phone numbers, and toll free phone numbers.

  • Everything you have come to expect from a good business phone system PBX.

Why Use a Cloud-based PBX service?

Lower Cost

When comparing the cost of a cloud-based PBX service to a traditional PBX system that requires you buy hardware, it is easy to see which one is cheaper. The hardware required includes a central system and specific phones that work with the system you selected. In addition, a traditional PBX system will need to be physically installed and set up which will add extra costs.

No Maintenance

Virtual PBX services have a distinct advantage over that of standard PBX systems in that there is never any need for the user to do maintenance on equipment or update the service they have. When using a virtual PBX service, you can leave it to your service provider to update their system and keep it running. In addition, you have the freedom to add and remove extensions with just a few clicks, allowing you to make sure your virtual PBX service stays scaled to the size of your business. If you use a standard PBX system, you get a piece of hardware that will require maintenance and will only provide a set selection of features. Also, because the service is dependent on a piece of hardware you have to deal with the limits of that hardware. To expand the capabilities of a standard PBX service you will have to physically add hardware or expansions to the hardware you currently own.

Easier Management:

Managing an online hosted PBX service is relatively simple since service providers give you access to a web management feature. Using the web management feature you can completely control every aspect of your virtual PBX system from any computer with an internet connection. The web management tool is intuitive, depending on the service provider, making it easy to change phone numbers associated with the extension, allowing you to access voicemail, change voice prompts, and also change any other characteristic of the online PBX system. Managing a standard PBX service usually requires an IT professional, as the PBX system does not have an easily accessible and easily understood interface.

Greater Versatility:

A virtual PBX service allows the user to choose the number of extensions they want along with the features they want. By looking over the various service providers, you can find a plan which fits your business and one that will grow with your business. A standard PBX system gives the user some of the same freedom since they can compare different providers and their hardware. Yet, once you choose a specific piece of hardware, you are stuck with its capabilities. In order to get new features or expand your PBX system, you will have to purchase additional hardware or buy new hardware.

Sophisticated Tracking and Reporting:

Keeping track of ingoing and outgoing calls is easy with a virtual PBX service web management account. Online hosted PBX services give you access to online call reports that are always up to date. By logging into your web management account you can instantly view the number of calls made or received, who the calls were made by or who took the calls, when each call started, and when each call ended. Keeping track of ingoing and outgoing faxes is just a simple. All of your internet faxes are tracked by your virtual PBX service. Using the web management account you can log in and see if your fax went through, who it went to, and how long it took to send. With online hosted PBX services you never have to worry about whether a fax went through or who just called you, because you can easily check for this information online with your web management account.


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