Call Center Solutions

You don’t have to be a big contact center to deliver a great customer experience!

Contact Center or the customers’ first point of contact, plays a powerful role in making or breaking enterprise-customer relationships. Customer loyalty and a company’s brand image are directly related to the way the contact center serves its customers.

Ibidium Call Center Solution is based on a flexible technology platform that is easier to manage, more productive, and globally connected. The innovative software perfectly caters to different Contact Centers irrespective of their size, nature of business processes or underlying technology.

Cloud-based contact centers are revolutionizing the way companies serve their customers and increasing lifetime customer value. Improve customer interactions and agent productivity with our powerful, easy-to-use, cloud-based call center solution.


Customers want great service. They want an immediate response and agents who are well informed. Deliver on these expectations with Ibidium tools that automatically manage interactions from start to finish and enable quick first contact resolution.


Ibidium's solutions for outbound call centers help you keep costs in line with revenue opportunities, quickly kick start sales and fundraising campaigns and track outcomes with reports. Increase your agents’ productivity with predictive dialer technology and comply with government regulations through intelligent call suppression.

Keeping contact with your customers is critical, but there's nothing to worry about, since Ibidium offers a flexible, scalable, and comprehensive contact center suite available today.

CRM Integration

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a must have for maintaining multiple client relationships while acquiring new ones, with ease and efficiency. With Ibidium CRM, it boosts the agent's ability to access information and serve customers faster without compromising on service quality. The interface is simple and straightforward and allows easy lead management, tracking and status updates.

Chat supports

As people these days are usually connected through online messengers, a quick two-way communication exchange takes place via chat. Ibidium's solution also provides chat support in integration with the gateway or service provider. Chat can be used to provide support services especially technical support. Customers can get in touch with available technical experts and instantly resolve their queries.


With the increasing use of mobiles, people wish to receive important messages and updates on the move. SMS can be used as a communication channel when small piece information is to be shared. In the case of a financial advisory, customers are curious about the market fluctuations so they want to be apprised of current market status. Bank account holders wish to be updated with their account balance after each transaction. In such cases, SMS can be sent to the customers.

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