Attendant Console

A Console that puts you in Control

First Impressions Count

Your operator is the first point of contact that a caller has with your organization – leaving a lasting impression of your business. Every receptionist however, faces a unique set of communications challenges. They are expected to handle large volumes of calls effieciently, that range from time-consuming routine inquiries through to urgent high value transactions.

Attendant/Operator Console was created to deliver the best and ensure a state-of-the-art customer experience tailored to the attendant’s needs. This system is efficient in providing good information about the caller, and the necessary and correct information about the person they want to talk to. The console can be used with all employees and departments, to view the status and the absence of all employees and consultants, as well as see who is available for receiving a customer’s call.

It can also retrieve status on employee handsets from the customer's telephone and mobile operators offering interfaces to extract cellular status.

This powerful software also provides seamless integration between your computer and telephone so that you can work on your usual computer applications and handle phone calls quickly using your mouse or keyboard.


Workspace Collaboration

Corporate switchboard staff and other employees, through a referral system can quickly get information about where a particular person is, when and how he / she can be reached or who to contactinstead. The same system can easily send a message to the person via email or SMS. The information is sorted and grouped according to their own needs and desires, such as by type of expertise. All users, employees and consultants are treated in the same system. The system can also register absence using Microsoft Exchange or other calendar systems.

The console is the hub for all incoming and outgoing calls within an organization. Older systems were replaced and automated to their own house or junction box. The features were first automated, then digitized.

Even with today's technology with decentralized functions and the possibility of a direct number, switchboards are important for the distribution of calls to the correct address, to list who is available etc. The switchboard is often an additional feature for the reception area.

Which Customers Service is Suitable?

The switchboard is suitable for all companies who want a cost-effective and resource-saving phone.

Ibidium delivers solutions for all segments and customer groups. We tailor switchboard solutionsfor your company needs.

Ibidium supplies both a proprietary switchboard support system and customer placed support that integrates with PBX.

The Net Centric Switchboard is particularly suitable for customers who have a heterogeneous PBX environment, or the desire to combine switchboard and contact center, allowing contact center employees to also answer switchboard calls. Customer support ntegrated with PBX, and is better suited for those customers who need to provide status for internal calls.

Attendant/Operator Console is suitable for all businesses that want a cost-effective and resource-efficient phone system. It has the ability to move calls effectively, keeping customers, vendors, and employees happy and productive.


Ibidiums Switchboard Modern Features:

  • Main number - keep existing or create new

  • Web management - simple and good overview, requires no installation

  • Calling Loops - who answer the phones and at what priority?

  • Writing Options - sets the caller to the right person / department

  • Status display - see who is available

  • Statistics - waiting for incoming calls? Which days have most impact?

  • Tailoring - we tailor solutions to fit your business needs

  • SMS - send message to mobile phone

  • The solution is vendor independent, all phones can therefore be linked to the same solution - both fixed and mobile phone, regardless of vendor.


Exceptional Benefits

  • You retain existing main number

  • Simple and good web management

  • Easier call management

  • Better accessibility

  • No installation

  • Full control of all incoming and outgoing calls

  • A centric switchboard makes business more accessible, simplifies management, and ties against both fixed and mobile phones.

  • Service is provided on our own platform and can be combined with most solutions and subscriptions.


Did You Know?

• With the use of an operator console, some call centers are now answering 98 percent of their calls within 10 seconds.
• There is a great reduction in the number of employee dial-zero calls to operators
by more than 30 percent, freeing operators for more complex requests.


We understand your business has unique needs and challenges. Order today and get a modern switchboard with full functionality.