Who We Are & What We Do!

Ibidium AS was founded in 2006 with the purpose to develop, deliver and support telephony solutions to the Nordic market. The company's customers are today scattered across Norway, Scandinavia and around the rest of Europe, which includes private businesses, municipalities, counties, state agencies and network owners with their own customer groups that run versions under its own brand.

It's taken heavy investment in the development of solutions and software.

Headquartered at Lysaker (Lysaker Torg 45) outside Oslo, the company also has offices in Dublin and Budapest.

Our Company

Our Mission

Organizations are increasingly becoming more geographically dispersed, opening offices in other countries. Our mission is to help businesses, both large and small, manage their business phone system via a virtual phone system.

Services Offered

We focused on delivering premium quality business phone service to growing companies. While the basic dial tone is the core of our offering, we also develop and deliver innovative integration and features to help you work smarter.

Target Customers

Our Target Customers are consumers, small to medium companies, consumer VoIP providers, call shops, and other telecommunications enterprises.

Reasons to Choose Ibidium

We’re Dedicated to Helping You Grow

Our cloud phone service allows you to work anywhere, integrate with enterprise software solutions, use call recording features for training and compliance, control your account from your mobile phone, and so much more.

We’re about helping your business grow by making the lifeline of your communication – your phone system – do more than ever before.


We’re Real People

We’re a connected team of people working to deliver the best product available and constantly improving and innovating features to make your service even better.


We Own Our Technology

Did you know that most other VoIP companies use technology from a third-party provider? Ibidium actually owns and engineers its own technology, meaning that we can quickly fix any issues, come up with new features, customize plugins, and do so much more for our customers that other VoIP service providers simply can’t do.